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ByDouglus James

How to Manage Outlook Accounts and Compact PST File to Create Space

MS Outlook is a great application developed by Microsoft, MS Outlook application is popularly used across the world. All the Outlook contacts, e-mails address and other files are stored in Outlook data file PST. In addition to this PST stores outlook user information, calendar entries, appointment schedules, tasks, notes and distribution list. With so much data, the size of PST increases which later results in corruption. A corrupt PST file could make outlook to slow down or not perform at all. So, it is advisable to create space in PST file and delete any extra files or media.

Older version of Outlook has PST size of only 2 GB which is very low comparing the data received by Outlook. Microsoft provides a feature to compact PST file and create space to handle data. Before knowing about the PST compact feature, check the types of PST file

PST File Formats

ANSI PST: The Older version of MS Outlook up to 2002 has PST file in ANSI format. It has a size limit of only 2 GB. Knowing the PST file cannot be increased, the other solution is creating space in the PST file by compressing it.

Unicode PST: Realizing the need of space in PST file, Microsoft introduced Unicode PST file format that is capable of storing 20GB to 50 GB of data. However growing needs, media, and attachments find this size limit low.

Corrupt PST File

There could be many reasons why an Outlook PST file gets the corrupt and large size of PST is among them. Oversized PST file gets corrupt easily which ultimately affects the Outlook performance. The problem can be severe when Outlook stops working due to large PST File. It requires proper management of Outlook and its data.

There are two methods by which data in Outlook can be reduced i.e. Compact PST File and Clean Up options

MS Outlook Cleanup

  • Open the MS Outlook application in your system
  • Click on File options then Info and move to Mailbox Cleanup
  • Click on the down arrow button and then ‘Mailbox Cleanup’ option

CleanUp tools

  • The Cleanup window will open, click on View mailbox size to check items in Outlook
  • Close the window and find older items, e-mails, messages, attachments
  • Delete these items or auto archive them to create space

outlook mailbox cleanup

  • Click on the Empty button to remove items from the deleted folder.

Compact PST Size

  • Click on the File tab and then move to Info and select Account Settings
  • The Account Settings window will open
  • Click on the Data files tab and select the PST file available for Outlook account
  • The settings button will get active, click on it
  • A new dialog box will appear click on ‘Compact Now’ button

pst file compact now

  • The process will start and after few minutes the PST file will get compact
  • The size of the file also get reduced
  • You can check the PST file size from ‘View Mailbox Size’ Option
  • The PST file size will be reduced and Outlook will start functioning normally

By following the above steps you can Compact PST size and open Outlook.

ByDouglus James

Reset Outlook Password and Recover Lost PST File Password

Security is one of the important factors in Outlook. E-mail messages consist confidential data and should be properly taken care of to avoid a data breach. Concerning the security factors, MS Outlook allows setting the password on PST file. But, many users forgot the Outlook PST password as they don’t use it for months and access it directly from Outlook.

Microsoft recommends changing the Outlook PST password regularly. Professional Outlook users should reset the PST password if they know the old password. It is a good practice and reduces the chance of unauthorized access. Users can change the PST password directly from MS Outlook Application. Check the steps given below

Reset PST Password Online

  • Open MS Outlook application and click on the File menu
  • Go to info tab and click on Account Settings and again click on Account Settings
  • A new window will open click on the Data Files

pst password reset

  • Select the PST file link to your account and click on settings
  • A dialog box will open with information of PST file
  • Click on the Change Password button

reset pst password

  • Now enter the old password in ‘Change Password’ window
  • Enter the new password and then enter it again in verify password field

reset pst password

  • Click on OK, now open the PST file with new password set by you

Recover Lost Outlook PST Password

While MS Outlook provides the facility to set password on PST file there is no such procedure to retrieve the Old password. If you have forgotten the Outlook PST password then it will become inaccessible, so we need to find a way to recover the lost PST password.

Manual methods to retrieve PST password are not safe and they can corrupt the PST file. So, better be use a professional tool that can retrieve the old password or gives the option to set new password without entering the old password. Outlook Password Recovery is one such software that let you set a new password.

  • Quick and Easy Recovery of Password: With its powerful algorithm engine it quickly recovers the lost password or gives 6 random passwords that can be used to open locked PST file
  • Data Remains Intact: While performing the password recovery operation, the data remains intact and it does not harm any files in PST
  • User-Friendly Interface: Outlook Password recovery tool has a great interface that makes it user-friendly. It instructs the user at every step which makes it easy to use
  • Compatibility: Whether you are using Outlook 2000 or 2016 then PST password recovery software supports all the versions of Outlook and compatible with Windows 7/ 8/ and 10

You can download the Outlook PST Password recovery software from here


ByDouglus James

Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06 – Offline Address Book is Corrupt

MS Outlook is a vast application it accumulates several other few tools like calendar, address book in itself. Each tool has its storage file and any problem in a single file throws error. When a user updates the Offline Address Book (.OAB) online from the Exchange Server he/she gets the error code 0x80072f06. This affects the whole application and should be resolved

There is a manual method to repair and recover Outlook Address Book (.OAB) of you are getting Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06 but it is good to use Outlook Repair tool. However, if you are looking for a free method to fix Outlook.OAB file error then we have discussed some quick methods.

Why OAB File is Corrupted?

Well dealing with issues in Outlook users wonder what is causing the error. Knowing this is important to prevent the error to occur in future. Major reasons for Outlook 0x80072f06

  • If the Outlook Address Book (.OAB) file is not updated properly
  • If the File system of MS Outlook or Windows is damaged
  • Issues with Exchange security certificates
  • The OAB file could also be damaged if the Outlook is not properly installed

Fix Outlook 0x80072f06 Error

  • Open your system as Administrator
  • Now go to start and open Control panel window
  • Click on the System and Security and then System (visible with computer icon)
  • Click on the System Protection from the left pane
  • A dialog box will appear, click on the ‘System Restore’ button

fix outlook 0x80072f06 error

  • It will prompt for date and time for system restore
  • Follow the instructions and then start the Windows System Restore
  • Now wait till the process is complete
  • Restart the system and Outlook and check the error is fixed or not

Create New OAB File

Sometimes issues with the already existing file cause the error in OAB. So, delete the already created file and create a new Outlook Address Book (OAB File). Connect the OAB file with Exchange Server to synchronize it. After the synchronization is complete then outlook will work normally without showing any error message.

Outlook Repair Tool

If you have tried all the manual methods to solve Outlook error code 0x80072f06 and it is not fixed yet, then the only method left is Outlook Repair Tool. This software is compatible with all versions of windows operating system. One can use outlook repair tool with MS Outlook version 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Outlook recovery software repairs all the corrupted files and restores them in their original form. Y

ByDouglus James

Why Outlook is Not Syncing with Causes and Solution

Synchronization between applications is important as it helps to know the items are available in both the applications. If synchronization stops then the items are not updated and it creates problems. Synchronization problem in and Outlook desktop application create issues and does not update the data files. Many users complain that is not synchronizing with Outlook.

When synchronization stops the Exchange Active Sync (EAS) account type will no longer be available for So, any appointments, contacts, tasks, notes will support syncing when the Outlook sync stopped working. So, it is very important to synchronize to Outlook 2016, 2013 and other versions.

So, the first step to remove the account from Outlook and use auto account setup to reconnect the account as Microsoft Exchange Account. Synchronize the to Outlook and then compare the calendars, tasks and other data in both accounts.

Add Alias to

Now the first step is to add the account as Alias to Now add alias to account first and then set it as the primary account.

  • Now login to your Microsoft Account
  • Your dashboard will open and then click on ‘Manage your sign-in email or phone number’
  • Click on Add email and then add your existing outlook account or create a new account

sync outlook with eas

  • Once the account is created, then click on ‘Change sign-in preferences’
  • Now select the new alias so it can be used for sign-in
  • Click on the save option, now use this address to set up account in Outlook

Configuring MS Outlook

  • Login to MS Outlook and then go to File
  • Now click on Add Account button sync with outlook

  • Select the option Auto Account Setup
  • Enter your E-mail address, password, retype password, and then click on Next

add automatic account

  • Once the account is added then restart Outlook.
  • The added account will have same name with (1) in account
  • Once the EAS account is removed then the (1) will be removed
  • Now compare the account and Outlook account side by side
  • Now match the calendar with date for few months
  • Now do the same thing with contacts, notes, tasks, and other tools

Remove EAS Account

The next step is to remove EAS account

  • Go to control panel and then select mail
  • The E-mail window will open now select the E-mail tab
  • Select the account with ‘Exchange Active Sync’

remove security info in microsoft account

  • The Remove button will get active and then select ‘Remove’ button
  • Now Restart the Outlook and the (1) will be removed

Now the will sync with Outlook desktop app. In this way you can remove the sync issues.